Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Designed for action

Cataloguing retroconversion of American items has revealed this beauty from 1947. Called "Dresses and aprons for work and in the home" it was published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and written by a clothing specialist and scientific aid. Aimed at "homemakers," it shows how to make practical clothing "designed for action" which are easy to put on without mussing the hair, are comfortable yet becoming.
The photo below shows the "basket apron," ideal for carrying eggs or beans.

Here is the "mop apron," which holds the skirt out of the way of mop water.

And here is a dress made for "girls and young homemakers." Styled for comfort, it also keeps the wearer cool.

Gentleman need not feel left out; there is a pocketed apron designed for the man of the house. Finally, for those ladies who "run little errands in and out of doors", there is even a "kitchen jacket" with "action pleats" so there will be no restriction to applying elbow grease!

(All photos from "Dresses and aprons for work and in the home" at shelfmark F1/AC.14)