Tuesday, 10 April 2012

SOS Iceberg

"The Unsinkable Titanic: books from the Official Publications Collection"

100 years ago this month, the world was rocked by the news that the unsinkable ship, the Titanic, had hit an iceberg and in less than 3 hours had sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was at 11.40 pm on the 14th April 1912 that the Titanic hit an iceberg. It took just 2 hours 40 minutes for the ship to sink. Of the 2,223 people that were onboard only 705 survived.
The lifeboats had room for only 1,178 passengers and there were reports that the lifeboats weren’t full to their capacity when they were launched.

These are a selection of books from the Official Publications Collection that encapsulate the story of the Titanic from its conception to the wreck, they're on display in our main reading room till the end of April.