Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Clocks go forward

In the Report and Special Report from the Select Committee on the Daylight Saving Bill with proceedings, minutes of evidence, appendix and index 1908, the “paramount advantages the committee find to be the greater use of daylight” were

(1) To move the usual hours of work and leisure nearer to sunrise.
(2) To promote the greater use of daylight for recreative purposes of all kinds.
(3) To lessen the use of licensed houses
(4) To facilitate the training of the Territorial forces
(5) To benefit the physique, general health and welfare of all classes of the community…..”
I was very much struck by the third reason!

To read the whole report it can be found at PP 1908 vol. VII page 73 or see the electronic version online, if you are a registered reader, in our licensed digital resources.