Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Scottish Government's White Paper on Independence

On Tuesday 26th November the Scottish Government will publish the Scottish Government’s white paper on independence. This important document is available online in PDF, HTML and in the eBook formats ePub and Mobi at www.scotreferendum.com as well as in print. From Wednesday 27th November libraries throughout the whole of Scotland will start to receive 5 printed copies of this important publication. Libraries will also receive the eBook and PDF files for inclusion in e-lending and also to be given away to those who wish to download their own copies. The eBook and PDF files of the white paper on independence are DRM free and can be given away and borrowed as often as you wish. There are no restrictions. In addition, libraries can advise members of the public to visit www.scotreferendum.com for more information and to download their own copies. Members of the public who require a printed copy should contact 0300 012 1809.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Referendum hub

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre has launched its Referendum Hub
for those seeking information on Independence for Scotland, and on the debate around the Referendum. Material has been selected by impartial researchers within the Scottish Parliament Information Centre, who have made every effort to ensure both sides of the debate are fairly represented.