Monday, 14 November 2011

Sign up for the flusurvey!

The flusurvey is an online system for measuring influenza trends in the UK and it is now live for the
2011/12 flu season. Anyone can register for free, fill out the survey, and help scientists track the spread of flu this winter.

In contrast to traditional surveillance methods, the flusurvey collects data directly from the general public, rather than via hospitals or GPs. This is particularly important because many people with flu don't visit a doctor.

The influenza virus changes every year and no two influenza epidemics are the same. The flusurvey means that information on a new epidemic can be quickly assimilated and used to plan a targeted response to mitigate the worst effects of influenza epidemics.

Each week, participants report any flu-like symptoms they have experienced since their last visit. The site provide participants with regular updates on the epidemic, all the latest news and advice about flu. There are maps and even 'epidemic games'. If you are feeling well enough to play them, that is....

(Image shows 'Counterplague' game from