Thursday, 11 October 2012

Summer weather

Protecting the Arctic
I have been concerned about climate change for a long time, and remember going to a conference many, many years ago about this subject, where government scientists did mention there was a need to be aware of this problem.

I was leafing through the recently published report on Protecting the Arctic. In the summary it mentioned the damaging effects of climate change in the Arctic. It is warming twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet, the speed of the ice cap retreating has increased and the previously held view that the ice-cap is not at risk of a summer collapse in the next few years need to be re-examined.

After our summer weather I was dismayed to read in the introduction “ As a result of climate change, a number of “tipping points” that would hasten further global climate change could be approaching, with serious ramifications for the UK’s weather and climate.”

Could we stand more miserable summers? More rain and cold is something we could get used to. However, what about the 4 million people that live there and the species that are unique to that area, if this continues what will happen to them?

This is a very informative parliamentary paper that does make you think about our fragile earth.

The title and shelfmark of the report is –Protecting the Arctic : second report of session 2012-13 by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee.

P.P. 2012-13 HC 171.