Thursday, 3 May 2012

Phone-hacking scandal

Hot off the press – the News International and phone-hacking report is published.
It comes in two volumes, vol. 1 report together with formal minutes and vol. 2  oral and written evidence.

The report is examining “whether or not there is good evidence to suggest that the Committee and its predecessor committees have been misled by any witnesses during the course of their work on the phone-hacking scandal.”

This gossip still continues to surround News International and is having major repercussions for the British newspaper industry.

There has been three separate inquiries into the press standards over the last decade.

In the second inquiry it was noted that they were frustrated by the “collective amnesia” that seemed to afflict the witnesses from News International.

Due to a series of events in 2011 the inquiry had to be re-opened and produced News International and phone hacking.

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